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Shamanic Journeys, Accessing Multiple Dimensions, and Private Delete Sessions

" Kim is as innocent and joyful as a child, as powerful as an ancient wise one, and as sweetly comfortable and safe as your sister. She safely and gently guides you into other realms and realities.  Kim is deeply experienced in many forms of shamanic practice.  She goes out of her way to make sure you are completely physically and emotionally comfortable, and only proceeds when you feel safe and ready. Kim's childlike sense of awe and delight make her journies very fun, and at the same time, profound.  I have had the most exquisitely beautiful journeys with Kim, and have been in absolute wonder at the beauty and grace of the beings in other realms and their desire to love and assist me.  I have experienced a variety of shamanic work, and what sets Kim apart is her great deal of experience and comfort with shamanic realms, her natural curiosity, her huge spiritual connection and power, her great love of All That Is, and her sense of sheer delight.  I highly recommend Kim, for beginning or advanced journey work." ~:Leslie

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